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The Four Secrets For Great Design

Anyone Can Learn Graphic Design

Anyone Can Learn Graphic Design

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I’m not comfortable with this post ’cause I’m not a graphic artist or visual art of any kind. I’m more comfortable with social media marketing and writing.

Though I believed that all skills are attainable and it will only depends on how passionate and persistent you are. Knowing what you really want is also a major factor in deciding of what to-do and what not-to-do.  Being jack-of-all-trade person is possible but on my personal opinion it is better to be good at few things. That means doing more of less things. Be an expert in your own niche.

I’m still fighting the urge of being in a jack-of-all-trade guy but I can’t help but to watch this lady. I’m standing on her shoulder that’s why I can say that every notes were worth taking for.

Lesa Snider is a world-renowned graphic artist.

I watch her lessons at

Here’s some of my notes about the FOUR SECRETS FOR GREAT DESIGN


From the book "The Non-Designer's Design Book" by Robin Williams

1. Proximity
-Group related items together
-Cause most of time people scan
-Group-related items make easy to scan
-Putting more space between things that are not related and less space between things that are related

2. Alignment
-Create visual connection

3. Repetition
-Repeat element throughout piece

can get file from istock photo

4. Contrast
-Make unrelated items different
-YOu need to be brave when using contrast
-If you use imagery that's a bit unexpected, you can catch somebody's attention a lot better

If you’re an Evernote user, you can get my shared note from this link.

Taking Notes on How To Brand Yourself In LinkedIn

This message is true enough.

This message is true enough

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I got this Facebook Event invite entitled “You’re the Man-Personal Branding Guidelines” and I was enticed that this would be valuable to me. This is another webinar where I can learn again new useful information.

This event was again from Filipino entrepreneurs made for Filipinos. Apology for being quite bias, I’m still a human who got more comfortable to people I know I can relate to. The webinars was held last Tuesday (February 19) and got  hooked from their bubbly personalities while sharing their knowledge to participants.

The webinar was generally about branding yourself as a professional individual (doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.)  or a consultant for you to get jobs and/or clients using Facebook and LinkedIn. I admit I’m not use to promote in LinkedIn, my perception of LinkedIn is a boring place for professional. And until now that was still my perception, maybe it is. The bad thing is because of that perception that I became so naive that LinkedIn could be a great place to promote your business and yourself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can watch this webinars and slideshow presentations until March 3. So please hurry up and go to this link.

In case that I’m too late to inform you about this very helpful loads of marketing information. Let me just give you my notes.

Again, apology for having an unorganized notes, you’ll understand me when you remember how you take notes from your college professors’ lessons.

Here’s my notes:

notes from ecommerce 102 webinar

1. Kaibahan ng selling product online? Sa pagdeliver. A physical product need logistics unlike digital products. For consulting services, it depends.

A consultant, is the one who address the problem. Provides advice and solution.

A consultant had unique clients. A consultant is flexible and can hire fixed service.

A fixed service is like writing an article, bookeeping.

2.Bilang isang indibidwal,kikita ka nga ba ng pera sa paggamit ng Facebook o LinkedIn?

A social media network is only a tool. You can advertize on social media. It’s different to ebay or amazon.

Bawat social media platform may kanya kanyang market.

Facebook to market to masses.

LinkedIn to market to corporate.

You can use social media network to position yourself to get client.

You can use plugin in Facebook but not in LinkedIn.

3. Pwede bang irehistro ang sarili mong pangalan as a business sa DTI? Pwede i-trademark your name. Patent is for process or invention but not name.

Copyright is if you had publication that yours, you had to register it with the national library.The same with graphics.

If you publish work on the internet, if may ibang nagcopyright. Pede mong idispute kung may napublish ka earlier.

You can also even publish in a private blog.

If you’re not making money, don’t pursue about copyright issue. But sue if you do.

Use backlink.

4. Mayroon bang palatuntunan/guideline ang DTI, Ad Council, or ang Comelec sa personal branding?

Alang specific law ang DTI regarding personal branding sa internet. If your’re politician, you can’t just claim, be careful. Comelec bahala dyan.

Ok lang except false claims. You can be proud as long as you can substantiate it.

5.Para sa mga specialista, mga tinatawag na experts, sa mga may professions na may lisensya sa bar or sa board. Tutuo ba na hindi mo pwedeng e-advertise ang iyong sarili or ang inyo profession?

That’s true. Inde pede according sa ad board, bar and professional licenses. But you can advertise your company.

It’s not the name or the brand but the results.

8. Papaano naman ang mga yaban na pag-aadvertise online, mga exaggeherado claims mo sa sarili mo, mayroon bang magagawa ang isang tao upang ito ay ampigilan?

Inde mo sila kelangan pigilan, hayaan mo sila mapahiya.

Pagnagyabang at inde nadeliver, scam yun.

9. Papaano mo ba ebrabrand ang iyong sarili?

Harnessing the POWER of LinkedIn by Boom San Agustin:

Use LinkedIn if you provide professional services.

Pede rin real estate.

What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is not Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

In LinkedIn, you’re there to make money so be professional.

In LinkedIn is just for professionals.

LinkedIn has now over 200 million professionals.

Why Boom San Agustin? Among the top 1% of most viewed LinkedIn profiles worldwide in 2012.
May 24 clients,59% generated by LinkedIn in 2012

He utilize LinkedIn to get clients.

So, why choose LinkedIn?

Here are some statistics that can benefit you:(PMAP Survey 2013)
-51% of companies in the Philippines now use social media in their HR recruitment.
-76% of companies worldwide rely on LinkedIn for their recruitment efforts.

In LinkedIn, your profile is public.

LinkedIn will make you searchable in the Philippines.

-Big companies contribute 12M users. The largest job segment is sales.(vicencio)

Tips to maximize LinkedIn?
-Enhance Your Profile: Dress professionally in your picture
-Use the description that matches your profession(Architech, Gym Instructor, Real Estate Broker). Be searchable online.
-Use seachable keywords in “Current”
-Try to get get referral. Don’t mass email.
-Satisfied clients give recommendations.
-If your recommendations has long timeframe, it’s more realistic.
-Recommendation is like a feedback.
-In summary page, use keywords.
-You can add mobile and email at the top part of summary page
-Profile Strength(is a guide if your doing good, seen only from you)

Finding a Job…
-Go to a Jobsite first and look for the job you want
-Back to LinkedIn, search mo yun nahanap mo sa Jobsite
-Pede mo personalin kung kilala mo.
-Pede ka rin magconnect.
-You can be get introduce from friend of a friend.
-Inde dahil naintroduce ka
-Planuhin mo updates mo.
-I-update mo yung mga nagawa mo professionally

How do I find clients on LinkedIn?
-Use group to find clients
Example, real estate broker ka. Sino target market mo? Let say expat. You joined groups kung san nandun market mo. You joined groups of realtors.

The idea is if client who is not an expat, they will go to realtors group to find real estate properties.

-You can join upto 50 groups

-You must become active in groups.Pede ka magsulat ng article or comment. It’s better people to like your comment to be top influencer of the week. The more people who like your post and comment, the most influential you are.
-You can also see your “Views”. Lahat ng views mo, ginto yan. Meron Who’s Viewed Your Profile.
-You can use test account for research purposes

I’m afraid that would be all for now. If you use Evernote, then you can get this as my shared note in this link.

My Learnings About Pinterest Marketing

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It’s been exactly a week since my last post due to my busyness. Anyway from the days that had passed I can say that it was worth the learning. I applied in oDesk, Elance, VirtualStaffFinder and do some others stuffs like watching educational videos from UdemyCreativeLive and my mentor, Jomar Hilario’s YouTube Channel. I’m so passionate taking notes, so to the ease your pain of taking the time to watch those videos, I summarized them based on my best of my understanding. Hopefully, you appreciate it.

I would share to you about how to promote in this rapidly growing social network called Pinterest. Surprisingly, a lot of people is getting addicted to Pinterest designed for people to get beautiful images and pin them to their pinboards(virtually). The idea of Pinterest was simple yet effective most especially for people who wants to sell online.

Below is the infographics of Pinterest and this was dated March of 2012, almost a year had passed but even that time the world was already aware of Pinterest.

Pinterest Infograpic Mar 2012

The image source was from

Anyway, one of the things I did last week was to watch how my mentor explained the value of Pinterest in internet marketing. The languange though was in mixed English and Filipino because the video was really meant for Filipino.

You can watch this or as I said earlier ease your pain by reading some of my notes. This is actually personal notes, but I can’t help not sharing this which is from my point of view can give a valuable information.

Apology for unclear notes, I only use Notepad as my basic notetaking tool before pasting it to Evernote. Just remember how did you do notetaking during your science class.

So here’s my notes:
The whole world is using Pinterest(infographic by color jam)35th Pinterest user ang Pinoy sa using PinterestFrom Shopify: The people that coming from Pinterest is buying more.That means your business should be seen in Pinterest.Pinterest program the person to buy.
Bucketlist is what people do inside PinterestAs a person who is in the marketing field, if people put things I wanna…What does this mean? You know what to offer them to buy because they say exactly what they want.You can give them the things people need.That’s opportunity.====================To see what other people are pinning or re-pinning, you follow the board of a Pinterest user.You can follow all or just a specific board of the user.

Self-expression is the mindset of people in Pinterest.

Repinning is the most popular task in Pinterest.

Repin is like Facebook’s SHARE.

Mindset of people Repinning “Ang nasa PinBoard Mo, AKIN NA, lagay ko sa pinboard ko”

What does it mean for you? Give him/her more pictures.

When you repin, change the descriptions.

Categorizing Pins: Create a new pinboard

Warning: The name of your board must be meaningful. You can use creative name as long people know what you’re talking about.

Legality? If you had issue with Pinterest then you should have issue with Facebook as well.

Liking an image will not add it to any of your pinboards.

You LIKE when you don’t know what BOARD to place it to.

For Business, you need to RE-PIN instead of just LIKE.

THe more you Re-Pin, the bigger your PINTEREST Boards Get

Big Pinterest Boards=Lots of Images=More Popularity=More Followers

Tataas ang popularity mo kung madalas ka nagpi-pin.

If you are selling products, just add something else. So inde ka boring. So you’re like human beings in the Pinterest.

From TechCrunch March 2012: 80% women

Sabi ng wayfair “Pinterest(users) are more 10% more likely to make a purchasae than visitors who arrive from other social networks including Facebook and Twitter. They’ll also spend 10% more on average.”

“Visual imagery drives inspiration, it’s what makes you want to buy it,”-Niraj Shah, CEO of Wayfair

Wayfair is a physical store

Shopify is a digital store


You can also add website/blog to Pinterest

That’s it! If you use Evernote, then you can get this as my shared note in this link.

Please comment on my blogposts, so I can improve next time. That would be deeply appreciated. 🙂

Fun and Interactive Flowchart To Follow in Giving Credit To Image Source

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Proper credit of the source of your information is a sign of professionalism. It shows that you know the right thing to do. What you don’t know sometimes hurt you like in the issues of plagiarism. Some were licensed images which mean you can’t use that particular image unless you had permission of the owner. Below is a funny but reliable flowchart to know on what to do in different scenarios of giving credit to an image source. This is from by Pia Erin and Yvette.

Be wise! Give credit to whom the credit is due for.

Be wise! Give credit to whom the credit is due for.

By the way if you want to get lots of legal photos to use for your blogposts you can go to

Image Source

Video: Proving Yourself If You Had What It Takes

Must have finish what you started

Must have finish what you started

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One of the unique thing in attending Jomar Hilario’s Virtual Seminar is that you have to finish an assignment.

The assignment is to create at least 10 internet tool tutorials as slide presentations. Doing the assignment is simple but admittedly not that easy and very time-consuming especially when I became so enthusiastic that I really want to give so much detail to every tutorials.

Though doing those stuffs was not easy, I take that as a challenge to test myself if I can really set-up a career at the comfort of my house.

I firmly believe that the assignment was also a test to myself if I had what it takes to work online.

I firmly can say as well that I developed the right attitude.

I was so happy that I was able to finish doing 10 tutorials. I want to add more in the future. As of now, you can watch my video sharing to you my story on how I did my assignments.

Turn on the captions . 🙂

Image Source

Video: My Mentor’s Way To Teach Me Effectively

You can learn just by listening.

You can learn just by listening.

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From the day that I received the Virtual Assistant Downloadable Seminar, I immediately begin in watching and most of the time listening to the seminar. The good thing about listening to a seminar is you can do that repeatedly, in anytime you want and you can do it while doing something like washing the dishes, walking, jogging, and many other things.

One of the privilege is while I’m doing my VA assignment especially the times when my brain don’t need too much exertion of effort like print screening  and pasting to PowerPoint. With that I maximized my time And gave me more confidence. Repetition in listening to Jomar’s voice make the lesson go deeper to my subconscious mind.

Listening is so practical and would not need my mentor beside you physically. All you need to do is to repeat listening if you miss something.

That’s why that was my mentor’s effective way in teaching. I know that he learned that from other people the way I learned a lot from Jomar.

Below is my video telling you how I was able to learn while doing the VA assignments.

Turn on the captions. 🙂

Image Source

Video: Meeting My Mentor and The Rest Is History

Find the right person that can help you.

Find the right person that can help you.

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This is my short video telling you how from the day I met Jomar last 2009 for the Truly Rich Hands-On Internet Marketing Workshop . From that year I got so many realizations and one of them is that true when Jomar said that having an entrepreneurial mindset means hard-work especially for people like me who grows up in an environment where 90% of the people only means of salvation is by being an employee to a huge company.

The three years that had passed have so many ups and downs yet gave me tremendous improvement in my knowledge and skills about internet marketing. I also lose count on how many times I participated with Jomar’s other seminars, workshops and webinars. ‘Til now I’m enjoying learning from Jomar and now I decided to sell my skills and talents loaded with the right attitude.

The video shows I’m more comfortable in writing than speaking. Anyway, I add transcription.

Just turn on the captions 🙂

Image Source

How To Use Prezi: Exploring the Fine Features of Prezi

Your idea matters. Have you find the way to share yours?

Your idea matters. Have you find the best way to share yours?

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What is the essence of a beautiful presentation? A  beauty contest type of question and so many answers can come up from such question. I can say the wordings, aesthetic design, story-telling or the presenter is simply irresistibly charismatic person.

What if I became bias and told you that the presentation software can also be a great reason. Of course, there’s plenty of things that you can think of.

Maybe it’s not clear to you on how other people would buy your ideas by using linear slide presentation. So I’m giving you another option to capture your viewers’ attention through what you call zooming presentation. The best that I can give you as a software is “Prezi.” Beside that Prezi is basically free and fun to use, Prezi had so many other features like sharing and making other help you in editing your Prezi.

There’s plenty of things that you can do in Prezi. You can read the slide presentation of how to use Prezi. All of the things you need to know to start is already there. Yes, this is still a slide presentation. As of now, just try to have fun learning. 🙂

Image Source

How To Make Your Life Easier By Using Evernote

Can you live with sticky notes forever?

Can you live with sticky notes forever?

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Here’s another tool that can make your life easier especially if you’re in a job where you had plenty of things to do or more importantly plenty of things to remember. Now, with this tool you don’t need to remember and sink all your to-do list in your brain or at least you won’t need any paper to write notes (somehow, you unconsciously become environment-friendly, lol) because all is done digitally. As long you had a desktop, laptop or mobile phone with an internet connection, taking notes will be as easy as breathing (well, not that easy but almost) and at the same time you can finish your work without the stress compared before you learned about this tool.

A digital note-taker called Evernote will radically change your productive life. For virtual assistants, Evernote is a-must tool. Me personally can’t imagine now my life without this tool, every time I read something that struck me and I want to take note that will digitally lasts forever, I used Evernote.

Below is a presentation about this note-taking tool. I tried my best to explain the basics and I really  recommend that you try this on your own to really appreciates the benefits. Your won’t believe how productive and liberating your life could be after using this tool. Maybe, you won’t feel that way instantly but as you often use the tool, slowly you realized that Evernote becoming a necessity.